In-Class – Supervisor Due Diligence


Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish



Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Course Length: 8 hours

Certification Length: 3 years

Each worker plays a role in the health and safety of the company. The role of the supervisor directly affects the success of any Health and Safety Program by the effectiveness of its implementation and application. Supervisor Due Diligent training teaches supervisor how to be effective mentors while understanding their roles and responsibilities. It explores the potential obligations and responsibilities of company owners, managers and supervisors and discuss the critical elements of a strong health and safety program and safety management system.

This course is intended for owners, project managers, senior management and supervisors.

• Elements of Supervision
• What is a competent supervisor
• Due Diligence
• Duties and Responsibilities
• Motivation and Communication
• Legal responsibilities (Occupational Health & Safety Act / Regulations)
• Health and safety programs
• Internal Responsibility System and the Supervisors Role
• Workplace Inspections
• Site emergencies and accident investigation
• Construction injuries and fatalities
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